Vertical living Retreat

Vertical Living Retreat with Hari and Gabriela

Descending from the head into the body, this is THE FIRST STEP

At the first step, descending from the head to the body, the training will aim to experience the world not THROUGH  the head but IN  the body.
One will learn and assimilate useful techniques, tools which can be used in the daily life in order to bring back the aliveness in the body and the enhancing of the senses.
You will gently be guided back into the awareness of the body.

FEEL: this is the second step.

With the body is awake feelings will surface, whatever is coming up is seen as on open invitation into your real Life. The aim of this day is to gently guide you back to the natural way of feeling, basically just observing how one tries to deny, suppress or manipulate what one feels.
When a child is upset he is crying when he is hungry he will ask for food, that’s the natural way.
This time is dedicated to bring up the deep sorrow as well as the ecstasy.
You will relearn to feel and become aware of the fine veil between the senses and the mind. You will just witness the confusion due to the unnatural way of feeling.

Your Mantra at any time is: FEEL

Allow and surrender: this is the third step.

This is a time to enter the magic real of satsang (sitting together in truth). There will be sittings up to 4 times per day.
You will learn the simply way of the direct experience, when whatever appears in the awareness is allowed and is been surrendered to.
This time is use in intense working on yourself. There will be layers after layers to peel off (both from the conscious and subconscious) and in the process some important parts of what you thought is real will just fade away.

The forth step: RELAX back into Being, allow yourself to be the Wave in the Ocean.

The process continues naturally with a deeper sense of relaxation, a sense of regained trust in life.
The retreat continue with satsang combined with inquiry meditations and breathing exercises. The mind is more quiet now and a deeper dimension of the being is surfacing. Soon one is ready for the one and only question, the next step: who am I.

The fifth step: WHO AM I?

Welcome into a beautiful exploration of what is real. The process aims to guide you back into the source, back to yourself. In approaching and penetrating the secrets of the body, mind and soul, one is ready now to face the truth.
The method used here is the one use by Charles Brenner, Intensive Enlightenment.
You will now sit for hours with the question, the only question left: Who am I?
Am I the body, the mind or the feelings? You will come to use all what you have seen and learned about yourself in the four previous steps.
At this point the question will guide you into a journey of discovering the Truth about yourself.
Nothing can help you at this step but an absolute honesty in the moment.

When “Who AM I” is seen and understood there is a natural relaxation into the Heart, so deep that death of all that it is known will be experienced. In this simple realization of the Heart, one steps in wonders in the realm of beingness, remembering what one is. Thus the “who” is left behind, making space for the “what”. The “what” travels through the Heart and brings forth into the “body- mind existence” the meaning manifested in this life. One is no more a stranger to oneself, but becomes a true potential for expressing the infinite.

Methods Used

  • Guided meditations 
  • Shaking in order to free the energy in the body and thus get rid of deep traumas. In many situations the cut off from the natural way of being is due to traumatic experiences from the past (present or previous lives)
  • Breathing exercises (“kriya way of breathing” for purifying and opening up the spine, awakening the chakras and “rebirthing type of breath” for taking the body all the way to the profound experience of birth and death)
  • Kundalini yoga for awakening the body
  • Mindfulness 
  • Enlightenment Intensive Dyads
  • Contact with nature through long walks.
       Spontaneus teaching and silence

Upcoming Vertical Living Retreat

Upcoming Vertical living Retreat

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