Existence is now, only the mind travels in time. In the mind we are constantly in the past or in the future. The five senses are experiencing now. When we practise mindfulness we bring our attention to what is going on in the moment.. What do I feel, hear, see ,smell, taste ... When we have given to much attention to the mind it filters everything we experience and it is difficult to just rest.  Just like everything else we can train the mind. This we do by repeteadly putting our attention on what is present here now.

Mind is constantly evaluating and thinking and even when we try to be present we often find that the inner dialogue is on and filters every experience. The mind which should be the servant of our heart has become the master. Mindfulness is a practise that will help us back into balance. The mind should be the servant not the master. In this constant activity of the mind we go on missing the moment, the reciepe is simpel, just stop and direct your attention to your senses, the sensation of the breath, of your feeling, smell, taste, vision, hearing.  What is going on now?

By practising mindfulness with a teacher that has put the mind where it belongs, it becomes easy to silent the mind. The teacher creates a atmosphere where mind naturally slows down.  It becomes natural and relaxing to enter a  more conscious experience of the here and now.slide4


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