Vertical living

Life is really a mystery, when we approach life as the mystery we are open for the new! Living is a quest, to forever learn and unlearn! The learning and unlearning is a process of living and dying! It is done by participating fully in the life experience. The learning and unlearning is the willingness to live in a state of not knowing! In not knowing there is the understanding that no answer given from the head, no philosophy, no reasoning, no talking or thinking about being, gives fulfillment. In the direct experience of being nothing is to be done. From this place we find the deeper knowing that comes from within, a knowing in the heart that guides us and is available in every moment!

One needs to breath in order to be. Then breath is being and being is existence, aware and present. In being, life is creating itself. That creation comes from Love, the bridge from unmanifested to manifestation. We invite you to breath and be. Not yesterday, not tomorrow but in the most amazing space there is. In the now we can learn together to cross the bridge and look deeply into the mysteries of being.

Who am I? What am I? The answers are present and alive right now. Remove the veil and look. Welcome!

Gabriela David is born in Romania, has a master degree in physics from Iasi University and a bachelor degree in nursing, Copenhagen, Denmark. She has been working with yoga since 1991, teaching in Copenhagen (NATHA yoga school), Helsinki, Finland and Rishikesh (India).
"If I would have to write about who I really am, there would be three dots and the following silence... There is a deep Gratitude for the amazing teachers and masters who guided me on the path, who made me come to the understanding that the voice inside the head entertaining, complaining, fixing and never content is not what I am. That is the monkey mind and that naturally surrender when the truth of who I AM is recognized. I would like to mention Swami Vivekananda (Narcis Tarcau the founder of both NATHA Yoga School in Copenhagen and the AGAMA school in Thailand, my beloved KRIYA YOGA Master , Swami Shankarananda Giri from which I took initiation in 1996, Noel Boyd (a teacher from the line of Ramana Maharishi), Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Charles Berner and my beloved partner Har Deva, all of them contributing in lightning the path."
Hari Deva  In 1976 the inner quest took him to yoga and meditation, after a year as a full time yogi he went to Pune in India where he became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh. In the years to come he has had many beautiful meetings and teachings from other Masters and teachers but Osho has always remained the one. Self inquiry become his major path in 1977 when he participated in his first enlightenment intensive. In 1981 he did a training with Yogeswar Muni ( Charles Berner) - the Founder of Enlightenment intensive, from there on he regularly started to give intensives. He is trained in different therapeutic methods like Bioenergetics, Osho therapy, Rebirthing, The Work by Byron katie, KBT ( cognitive behaviour therapy). He is a kundalini yoga teacher, Oneness trainer and a co -Founder and former co-owner of "Ängsbacka" the biggest growth center in Sweden, world wide famous for the yearly international No mind festival which Hari co-created and hosted for 12 years.
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