One to One sessions with Hari Deva

Satori protocoll - one to one with Hari Deva

Satori protocol is the first method that combines the release of emotional problems and the experience of spiritual enlightenment - in the same process.

Consist of 3 /60 minutes meetings.
The cost for the program is 3100 SEK 
additional sessions 900 SEK

Non dual Life coaching with Hari Deva

Life is movement, constant change. Life is also as it is, appearing moment by moment. Life is a constant dance between acceptance and changing -doing. Sometimes we get stuck in the middle and like stagnant water we starts to be unwell. This is where I come in to help movement when that is needed and to help acceptance where that is needed. Life is about relating and relationships, both at work and in family. Here we often get stuck and a good coach is both timesaving and pain saving. To have good relationships at work, with the colegues, with the employees, with the boss, with customers is vital for success. To have good relationships with the family and friends is vital for happiness and love. As a coach I see that in life every part of the whole is just as important. Relationships, creativity, health, economy, spirituality, dreams, visions, love.Day to day life and the mystery of the beyond-no separation.

Sometimes we just have a need to talk to someone who is really listening, to bring forth the inner wisdom and clarity. In my personal experience I have been deep in the mystery, meditating and processing. I am the father of two beloved children, I have worked on many positions in life, as a undertaker ,a middle boss and as a director of it all. I have many years of experience as a coach and as a therapist, and  I have a wide range of knowledge from therapies and coaching strategies. Most important of all I know myself and there is knowing in how to rest and talk from essence.

Non dual life coaching program

If you like to have me as your life coach we will meet once in a free session to get to know each other and then set up meetings with a minimum of 10 meetings in the period of three months. From there we decide whether we like to move on or not. The cost for the program is 9000 SEK  + VAT

Are you Interested?   Contact Hari /   harieriksson@gmail.com

Swedish; Snart kommer hemsidan upp också på svenska och naturligtvis är det språket oss emellan på sessionerna.

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