From the 6th of October, we Welcome you to Berget and to our Sunday evening Satsang gatherings, every second week, from 18.30 until ca 20.30. 
We are inviting you in the space of satsang, where the recognition of the Heart as Oneness will be reflected in the meditations, siting in silence or/and singing bhajans together. Join us if you long to be part of a spiritual family, which meets in Truth, Simplicity and Love. 

No theory is needed.
No Words can take you home.
You are home right now, coming in and out of the depths of your being.
When the simplicity of being is recognised you are falling in love with it.
That love takes you on the journey, that love is the ticket to the Reality behind the veils.
In the open satsang space, we can drop the stories and look deeper. Light and shadow can be met in a deeper understanding of oneself, being untouched by any of it.
That who one is in truth, is allready free, allready home.

Send an SMS to +735109370 Preferably at least one day ahead to let us know you are coming and to make sure it is happening. All our activities at Berget are donation based and helps us to build a thriving spiritual community.
Find out about upcoming Satsang events in NEWS and CALENDER
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