Participants from EI at Ängsbacka 2024

12 -16 Mars 2025 - Enlightenment Intensive Retreat at Ängsbacka course center


The retreat is mastered by Hari Deva with Gabriela David as chief monitor, plus assistants.

 When:  12th of Mars until 3pm on 16th Mars 2025 

Arrival:  Wednesday from 17.00 pm  Opening meeting is at 20.00 pm. 

Venue:  Ängsbacka Course Center in Molkom, Sweden  

Price: Course fee 2200 SEK + Cost for food and accomondation. Full days all incl. The food served is vegeterian. 

Language:  English in lectures, In the dyads (sittings) swedish, english etc 

Who is this suitable for?

For anyone who is interested in self inquiry - to Awake to the truth of who and what you are .


That you are not suffering from or have a history of mental disorders.

That you are not on medication for mental disorders.

If you suffer from medical problems that can be of a hindrance then make sure to communicate to us as you sign up.


To join the retreat, go to www.angsbacka.se 

contact : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel +46735109370


"Wisdom tell me I am nothing. Love tell me I am everything. Between these two my life flows."

Nisargadatta Maharaji


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