Kriya Yoga Initiation Tidafors 8-10th of March 2024

Kriya Yoga Initiation with Gabriela David - Kriya Yoga acharya -according to the tradition transmited by Swami Shankarananda Giri - Master on the lineage of Kriya Yoga.



Kriya-Yoga meditation is an ancient technique that is directly transmitted during an initiation ritual. It is taught to all sincere seekers, regardless of race, social status or belief.
Kriya-Yoga, known in India for millennia, is cited many times in Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Its transmission was kept secret for a long time and reserved for monks and hermits, until it fell into oblivion. In the last century this meditation technique was revived by Lahiri Mahasaya, under the impetus of Babaji Maharaj, the Eternal Yogi. He made it accessible again not only to renunciates, but also to men and women engaged in worldly life, with the work and the responsibility of a family. Paramahansa Yogananda made it known in his book “Autobiography of a Yogi”. The meditation technique which you receive today is the same technique given by the masters of the lineage of Kriya-Yoga.
In our time, many people are looking for a way to transform themselves, trying in turn various techniques of purification and self-knowledge. There is a tremendous advantage to use a proven technique, practiced by so many yogis over the time, leading to a natural state of peace of mind and contentment. Passed down through a line of realized Masters, it confers protection and the promise of future success in both practical and spiritual life.
The meditation that is taught is based on the peaceful control of the breath, or pranayama, its observation and its progressive mastery. The initiation ritual takes place on Saturday morning and we meditate together several times during the two days, in order to integrate the technique. The lectures will further explain and enrich the teaching with knowledge relating to the body, soul and breath.
Back home, you can continue to deepen your experience, day after day, and gradually free your mind of tensions, in order to enter into inner silence, balance and blissfull meditation states.


5 flowers (at least one rose)
5 fruits
1 donation in envelope with your name on it (2900 kr) 
Bring confortable clothes (white clothes for the initiation day)


For registration please contact Gabriela at:

- email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- tlfnr: 0793491679


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